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About Us


''In the complex world, there are many paths to success. All of them require a commitment to continued learning, experimentation, self-transformation and self-mastery. Real brilliance comes when your professional growth is aligned with your personal interests, values and skills.''

At Mindlib we make it our mission to help our clients recognise their strengths and understand their weaknesses to become effective business and community leaders. Together we bring an objective perspective, along with over 25 years’ experience in organisational and leadership development.


We have worked with a number of clients both locally and internationally, who come with different experiences, interests and industries.  They have trusted us to equip them with tools to reach their full potential and accomplish their desired goals.



“Unleashing Generations of Present & Actualizing Leaders”


Mindlib is a leadership development institute that seeks to enhance a culture of excellence amongst leaders in the African Continent. We do this by equipping leaders in organisations with self-actualization, team leadership, coaching skills and competencies for transformative change leadership.




Master of Management in Public & Development Management (WITS), Associate Certified Meta Coach (ACMC), Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer (ISNS).


Gloria Mbokota is currently Executive Director at Mindlib, an executive coach and a Neuro-semantics Trainer. She has worked as an organizational development practitioner for more than 22 years and undertaken projects with national, provincial and local government, statutory bodies, international donor agencies, tertiary institutions, non-government organizations and private sector companies. This has given her wide exposure to a variety of organizational and human capacity challenges across Southern and East Africa. Her main interest and strengths has been in strategy development, organizational development & design, programme and project evaluations and facilitating change processes in organizations. Her experience has brought her to a firm belief that for an organization to be successful, it needs self actualizing individuals and leaders.


Gloria has provided coaching services to individuals (personal/life coaching), managers and leaders in organizations (performance and executive/leadership coaching), and small businesses entrepreneurs (Business Coaching). Clients have included the Government of South Africa, several Public Companies and private companies.




MBA; Master of Science (MSc Public Health, Sweden),BA Hons(University of KZN) and Associate Certified Meta-Coach(ACMC).


Nomvula Marawa is currently working part -time as Technical Advisor, Technical Assistance Unit, National Treasury responsible for Health and Social Development Project design and management. A public health and organizational development professional, Nomvula Marawa has years in senior level management positions. Formerly a Director in the National Department of Health, Nomvula brings a lot of experience in the public and private sector. She is well trained and experienced in health care field having degrees in Social Sciences, Public Health, and Business Administration.


Her previous exposure to the public health services has proved invaluable in the assignments undertaken by the consultancy. She has handled a number of assignments for world organizations like DFID, USAID, World Bank, WHO to name a few.  Most of these projects have involved facilitation of programmes implementation, organizational assessment, development and impact analysis in situations dealing with team and organizational dynamics. Through meta-coaching Nomvula is providing management and leadership coaching to public and private sector clients and is experienced in facilitating change awareness and personal behaviour change which includes interpersonal skills necessary for effective facilitation, e.g. developing and managing handling group dynamics and communication



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