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Executive / Leadership Coaching

What is Executive coaching?

Given that coaching is a discipline that works with people who are “OK” or average who want to move on to their next level of development to tap into their untapped inner resources so as to unleash their maximum potential. Executive coaching is about grooming someone for his or her next step of professional and personal development and enabling him or her to unleash his or her highest potential. This type of coaching focuses on Coaching CEOs, leaders, and executives for optimum personal performance, motivational mastery, and outstanding business results.

What do you get from Executive Coaching?

  • A step back from all the pressures and stresses of business and enable one to regain perspective and renew vision and direction as a leader.
  • A reflective time for thinking and contemplating about the mission, strategy, and tactics for better performance and success of the business, and self- actualization of the organization and people, to increase the capacity of managers and leaders.
  • A fiercely focused conversation that enables one to examine their beliefs, values, identity, intentions, hopes, etc. that govern and drive one’s experiences and skills.
  • A leveraged dialogue that get to the heart of things to give more choice and control to the decision maker, a conversation that addresses meaning- making, framing, handling people, relationships, distinguishing responsibility for and to, etc.
  • A crucible of focus that empowers more response- ability and accountability in making the things that most important front and center.
  • A facilitation of critical success factors that support leadership, entrepreneurship, resilience, and creativity.
  • An opportunity to improve work life balance.

When is Executive coaching needed?

  • Hiring new people when key people are appointed to new roles or hired externally and need to get up to speed as quickly as possible.
  • During change: when an organization is changing whether through downsizing, restructuring, merging, culture change processes, or due to strategy change and changes in the market place.
  • Grooming: when a person is being groomed by leadership for a promotion.
  • Competency development: when a business wants to retain talent and prevent people being promoted to levels of incompetency.
  • Rejuvenating Business: when the quality of life or of performance lags needs a fresh rejuvenation of purpose and mission.
  • Personal development: when people are not living up to or experiencing their own personal mastery in what they do.

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