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Team / Group Coaching

What is Group/Team Coaching?

Coaching a group or team differs from individual coaching, as there is greater complexity, presence of group dynamics and political concerns around dominance, submission, cooperation, competition, decision-making, leadership and follower-ship, etc. Group and team coaching thus focuses on group dynamics, interpersonal relationships within a group and organisational development.

What do you get from Group/Team Coaching?

  • It bring motivation amongst individuals in a team.
  • It facilitates buy-in on group/team and organisational vision& mission.
  • It facilitates people taking responsibility and accountability for their roles and what are their responsibilities and accountabilities to others.
  • Motivating team members to be empowered to make their contribution to the team and improving productivity.

When is Group or Team coaching needed?

  • Team Building when you want to build team spirit among amongst group members.
  • Improving team performance: when you want to build or enhance high performing team.
  • Conflict resolution: when there is conflict in a group that hampers performance.
  • Diversity management: when diversity issues are a stumbling block for performance in an organisation or group/team.
  • Shares company vision & values: when you want to ensure that the vision, values & mission of an organisation are commonly understood, shared and lived by leaders, managers and members of the. organisation, teams and groups.
  • During change: when an organization is changing whether through downsizing, restructuring, merging, culture change processes, or due to strategy change and changes in the market place.

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