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Approach to leadership development


Neuro-Semantics is a model about how we create and embody meaning. The way we create and embody meaning determines our sense of life and reality, our skills and competencies, and the quality of our experiences. Neuro-Semantics is about performing our highest and best meanings, adding richer and more robust meanings to our performances, and transforming and upgrading the embodied meanings we are now performing but which does not enhance our lives or facilitate our resourcefulness.

Meta- Coaching

Our coaching approach (Meta- Coaching), thus means coaching at higher levels for transformative change. Meta-Coaching is a powerful cutting edge methodology that focuses on how the structure of our mind and thinking dictates our performances. This type of methodology journeys the client into the energy behind their actions, resulting in Developmental and Transformational Change. Meta-Coach Training draws on the Cognitive Sciences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics (NS), and Self Actualization Psychology.


Meta-Coaching is for anyone who is passionate about supporting others in making permanent positive change, and who wants to be at the forefront of people development and cognitive science. Whether you are a manager or leader in an organization, a trainer, a teacher, an individual committed to personal development, a coach, or a team, you will learn powerful coaching and leadership development models that will enhance skill and performancein your specific work area.

Our Vision.

"Unleashing Generations of PRESENT & Actualizing Leaders"

Our Mission

Mindlib is a leadership development institute that seeks to bring (enhance) a culture of excellence amongst leaders in the African Continent.

We do this by equipping leaders in Public Service organizations with self actualization, team leadership, coaching skills and competencies for transformative change leadership.


Provide leadership TRAINING & COACHING SOLUTIONS that facilitate peak performance among public sector leaders and organizations.

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