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The Self-Actualizing Leader



 Do you know what you want? 

What you really, really want from your life, your relationship, your career

 Are you ready to seek your peaks?

 ·         To live fully, authentically, and not sell yourself and your potential short

 ·         To live true to yourself, with congruence and integrity

 ·         To experience for yourself the passion and motivation of a life well-lived

 ·         To put an end to boredom, frustration and depression as a way of living

 ·         To find your vision and mission for life, and experience life’s everyday ‘peak experiences’

 ·         To create meaningful organisations, rather than de-humanising ones

 ·         To purposeful families, companies and associations

 ·         To develop the skills to be able to get to the heart of a problem quickly and easily and use your natural creativity to invent effective new solutions

 ·         To feel in charge of your own self and your life rather than being controlled by your culture

 ·         To live in an emotionally intelligent way, fully alive to the best of our human experience


 Self-Actualization Psychology

 The seeking the peak trainings as based on self-actualization psychology. This is the psychology of the bright side of human nature, which describes how people move from merely being “okay” and living in the present to becoming their best. Self-Actualization Psychology has its origins in the work of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, enhanced with later developments in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics.

 Unlike other forms of psychology which have traditionally had a remedial focus, this is the generative psychology of human excellence. It describes how to actualize (make real and actual) what is a latent potential within you and others.

 Self-Actualization Psychology includes four(4) modules which guide the process of unleashing and actualizing one’s highest and best. It is therefore the positive psychology that enables a person to live life fully and humanly.




 Module 1: Unleashing Vitality

 Discover the lower and higher human needs, and how to effectively master your ‘driving needs’. This releases you from being stuck in the lower levels, and develops your base for vitality in Self-Actualizing. Energy is released and you are able to move to the level of being your authentic self. Learn how to use the Neuro-Semantic models to Seek Your Peak, and apply the Four Eyes to living with the vitality of a self-actualizing life


 Module 2: Unleashing Potential

 Discover your most unique human drive (meaning-making), and your innate powers for becoming the author of your life, the architect of your future. Enter into your construct of meaning-Making to clear out every non-enhancing meaning, as you develop a high level of meaningfulness. Experience the Crucible for Change and create your own Zone of authenticity for leading a self-actualizing lifestyle


Module 3: Unleashing Creative and Innovative Solutions

 Now that you’ve created you best authentic self, you can create solutions to all kinds of other problem-solving, setting goals, defining core issues and creating innovative solutions. Learn how to use the Four Transformational Conversations for Changing You and Your World and unleash your creativity and resourcefulness for adding value to yourself and others


Module 4: Unleashing Leadership

 We focus on two kinds of leadership; self-leadership for bringing out the best in yourself, and self-actualizing leadership for bringing out the best in others. Use the self-actualizing leadership Matrix to develop yourself as an authentic leader, actualizing your best potentials. Build on this to engage in self-actualizing leadership, empowering others to be peak performers, leading change positively, and enabling a self-actualizing organization or business


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